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The value YSCP places on diverse languages, cultures and ethinicities result in invaluable experiences that enhance my daughter’s personal and educational development, every day.
Melissa Landrau
Young Scholar’s has far exceeded my expectations. I am so happy that I was able to get my child into this school. I feel like my child is getting a better education at Young Scholar’s than he would have in the regular public school system. The people are all wonderful, and really go out of their way to assist in any way possible. I would highly recommend Young Scholar’s, their curriculum will give your child the skills needed to excel in life and future education.
Angela Simparosa

Jason Gines- Parent

YSCP Staff and Parents

Both of my children go to Young Scholars of Central PA Charter School. We could not be happier there! I am a very involved parent and communicate often with the teachers. Contrary to some posts, I know that all of the teachers that my children have had are certified elementary teachers with some even having a masters degree. All of the teachers that we have had experiences with are very caring and have my children’s best interests at heart. The staff is all very friendly and I love that the principal knows all of the students by name. I would highly recommend YSCP to any family that is looking around at schools.
A parent
YSCP does an excellent job as a multi-cultural school in educating children K-8th grade. The middle school students love the small classes and the friendliness of their classmates in a tight-knit environment where they have great relationships with teachers. Students learn Chinese and Spanish in all grades and they can also learn Turkish. The after school program runs until 5:15 pm and is very affordable.
A community member
Between two states, and 3 other school districts, Young Scholars has been the best fit for my son. He has never been this motivated to learn to read. Speak Chinese, as well as English. And genuinely happy to go to school in the morning. I have not met a teacher, or administrator, that is not willing to go above and beyond to help him, excite him, and motivate him.
A parent
YSCP aims to treat everyone, whether student, staff, or parent, like a family. I was welcomed into this family from day one, and I can tell you that I have never worked with such a caring, friendly, knowledgable staff before. Every teacher bends over backwards for the students at YSCP. The staff is not only highly experienced, but many teachers have multiple certifications and degrees. I am proud to call this school home.
A teacher

Howard and Crescent Miller- Parents

Amit and Niharika Sharma- Parents

I could not say enough good things about Young Scholars! The teachers and administrators are wonderful! They are very hands-on with the students. The foreign language curriculums and awesome after-school programs are just a wonderful bonus to an already great school!
A parent
I think that Young Scholars is a very outstanding school. All of their testing average is above the State average. The staff is extremely helpful to the parents and students. From the children’s perspective, the teachers get them involved in what they are doing. The school offers extra-curricular activities such as extended clubs, science and math clubs throughout all of the seasons. They also offer plenty of free after school activities with parent permission. This school truly gets students interested in learning. They offer the students many things from the languages such as Chinese, Spanish, to playing an instrument, choir, Science Olympiads, Mathcounts, art shows, and more. This is a truly genuine school.
A parent
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